Monday, August 24

Summer Pictures

Just a few quick pictures to share today... 

We have pumpkins actually growing in our garden! They're either cheese pumpkins or sugar pumpkins... the seeds got all mixed together, so I don't actually know which is which any more. It doesn't matter though. Having any kind of pumpkins makes me unreasonably happy!  : )

The pumpkins may still have a couple months to go, but apples are unexpectedly coming ripe early. Check out the two buckets I collected the other day, waiting to be made into pie filling, sauce, and other goodies!

Since we (finally) got a good apple crop this year (after several years of nothing thanks to wonky weather patterns), I allowed myself to experiment with making sparkling (but not hard) cider. The process seemed simple enough - freshly pressed apple juice and champagne yeast, mixed in a fermentation-appropriate bottle and left on the counter for a couple days.

Apparently I will need to practice some of the finer points, because when I opened the bottles they all but exploded! A wee bit over-carbonated... oops. On the bright side, what remained post explosion was very yummy! Seeing as it was experimental, I only made a couple small bottles. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try again before the season is out. 

Somehow it is the last week of August already, so there's plenty to do and I won't linger and ramble today. Just wanted to share a few pics since I actually remembered to take them! 

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