Friday, December 19

They Finally Did Something Right!!

I would like to send my most sincere congratulations to New York Environmental Commissioner Joseph Martens for demonstrating two things so routinely lacking amongst NYS government officials - common sense and a backbone!!

I nearly fell out of my chair yesterday when I opened the news page and found the following
headline:  New York Bans Fracking After Health Report.

We live on a mountain made of shale, so it probably is no surprise that the debate over fracking has been a huge, messy deal around here. It's not uncommon for neighbors to stop speaking to each other over it, and for people to line the edges of their yards and their bumpers with signs and stickers proclaiming their opinions one way or the other.

Given that NYS is more likely to make decisions based on the money involved than common sense or health - both of which should tell you its a TERRIBLE idea to pump carcinogenic chemicals into the water table (particularly one as high as ours), I'd not held out much hope for a good decision.

So this news comes as an early Christmas present!! Thank you, Mr. Martens, for protecting the beautiful mountains in which we make our home! For choosing our healthy and safety, the safety of our neighbors, pets, food and water over the greed of corporations who would rather see us all die of horrible diseases and complications than see our nation pursue smarter, cleaner, and more efficient energy solutions that might actually force them to adapt!!

May you stick to your guns and hold your head up in pride for this choice. Merry Christmas!

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