Tuesday, December 23

Shiny Things

I interrupt whatever Christmas preparations you're making to bring you something shiny.  :)

I found a fancy looking wall mounted dog bowl on Pinterest forever ago, and coveted it... until I checked the price and discovered it was astronomical! So, I crossed that off my mental wish list and just kept sweeping and mopping around the water dish, trying not to let the damp or the splashing damage our beautiful hickory hardwood.

This week, my very talented husband found some unexpected free time (a rare thing) and decided to spend it making me something shiny. Voila! A wall mounted shelf made of mold-resistant cedar and wrought iron (love wrought iron!) to get the babies' water bowl off the floor and simplify my cleaning routine.  (Please ignore the fact that I didn't sweep before taking the picture...)

It looks deceptively simple in the picture, but every time I look at it I see the attention to detail and feel spoiled to have a husband who makes me wonderful things. Horray for getting a head start on 2015 projects with something as practical and appreciated as this!

(Okay, you can go back to you Christmas busy-ness now! I just couldn't help but share.)

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