Tuesday, May 7

Is College Worth It by William Bennett

Former US Secretary of Education Bill Bennett tackles a question that should be on the mind of every American as our economy struggles and battles over funding for education rage at all levels. In this well researched, well reasoned and unbiased book, Bennett gives students, parents, educators and policy-makers the unvarnished facts about the value and (often hidden) perils of pursuing a college education.

This book was a quick read, but I was very impressed; the author's perspective was unbiased and down-to-earth. He made equal, judicious and effective use of individual stories and statistics. Bennett provides clear and reasonable alternatives to the current broken system (including examples and praise for the pioneers already doing things right) and practical guidelines for parents, students and educators. There are great insights on how to get the most out of your college experience if you attend and equally valuable information on the best educational and career alternatives – because college isn't for everyone. Every family and every educator should have access to the truths in this book before students start high school – it could change the foundations of education.

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