Tuesday, August 9

Fresh Brewed Life

Women of Faith speaker Nicole Johnson invites readers to pull up a chair, wrap their hands around a hot cup of coffee and join her in reflecting on life, pulling back the veils of lies and expectations we surround ourselves with and exploring what it means to live well and freely.

The author's heart and love for women shone brightly through the pages, as did her honesty in sharing the trials, mistakes and hurts of her own past with others so that they could bring hope and new perspective. Most of the topics covered (journaling, dealing with anger, embracing dreams, living fully) are standbys of the genre; few will be new to readers. If you read a lot of this type of book, you'll be tempted to skim the pages and hit just the highlights.

That said, the book was easy to read and abounded with encouragement. If you're new to genre, this would be a great place to start.

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