Friday, May 20

Spoiled Wife

A couple years ago, when we were prepping to go to ComicCon (check out our costumes here) my husband taught himself leather working. He did a fantastic job on several pieces that we needed both times we hit ComicCon, including custom holsters for Malcom Reynolds' and Mara Jade's guns, and Mara's jump harness and belt.

Somewhere in among our costuming adventures, I came to the unwelcome conclusion that I needed a new purse. I dislike purse shopping to about the same degree I dislike being forced to buy new clothes. [Hint: A Lot.]

The one I'd been using wasn't really big enough for every day use, particularly since I am one of those people who really prefers to carry a book around if there's any possibility I'm going to have to wait somewhere. It had seemed functional when I bought it, but didn't end up being quite as good in practice as I'd hoped.

So, I headed to pinterest. If I had to shop, at least I could do some browsing online to narrow down my options instead of actually trekking to a store, right? Naturally, I found something that looked really good... for $250. I never have, nor ever will, pay that kind of money for a purse. Ever.

I pinned it anyway, as a general style reference and reminder to myself that I couldn't put off finding a new purse forever. Then I forgot about it. Until my husband saw the pin pop up and said, casually, "I could totally make that for you."

And he did! I picked red, because it's my favorite accent color (and goes with 90% of my wardrobe), and he got some wonderfully soft red leather and made me a new purse, just like the one I'd pinned, only better!

My photos don't begin to do it justice, but I'm delighted with it and just had to share about what a spoiled wife I am. : )

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