Tuesday, December 1

Three Fun Things to Start Your December

Can you believe it's December already? Thanksgiving has come and gone, seemingly every radio station is saturated with Christmas music (God help us), and the days are starting to show their long,
dark sides. Before we start the rapid slide into holiday madness, I thought I'd share three fun things I saw around the web recently to make you smile:

It's all good until someone bombs the pub....
An Irish comedian wrote an open letter to ISIS, and it's hysterical.

An Iraeli dad wrote a "why my daughter is tardy" note that's short, honest and endearing. (And that made me think of my Dad patiently trying to braid my terribly uncooperative hair when I was little.)

The case for making your own (highly descriptive and personalized) job title. (Similar point made here.) When I was at Panera, my unofficial title (bestowed on my by my favorite baker) was "Evil Overlord" - how awesome would it have been to have that on my nametag?! These days of course, I can put whatever I want on my business cards...I might have to get creative!

What is making you smile this week?

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