Friday, November 6

Best Finds From Around the Web (October edition)

Somehow, October has come and gone (already!), but hopefully it isn't too late to share the five best things I encountered online during the month. (Oh wait, it's my blog... excellent! I officially declare it Not Too Late. Enjoy!)

As I've been working hard on a lot of behind-the-scenes things for my business, as well as prepping the home front for the holidays, I've been heavily reliant on old-fashioned pen-and-paper to do lists (and big, fat markers to cross off completed tasks with!). So it was very nice to unexpectedly encounter this reminder/affirmation of how powerful and practical low-tech options can be in this age of smart phones and other pricey tech toys.  

Because sometimes you just want something that feels special and decadent for brunch that won't take hours or cost a fortune to make, or leave you with a nasty sugar hangover later. These are perfect.

3. How to Unsend an Email (in gmail)
I didn't know this was possible, let alone easy! Possibly the best business tool ever.

A fantastic reminder that life is not set in stone, and that even (and maybe especially) in the big things we don't have to live and die by generic, outdated, or externally imposed lists of rules. Encouraging and inspiring, whether you apply it to business or any other project!

So funny, and so true.

I had no idea there even was such a thing, or that you could make your own. If you've ever wanted to take an oatmeal bath for softer, silkier skin, to kill the itch of poison ivy/oak, or to blunt the agony of chicken pox or eczema, here you go! 

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