Wednesday, June 17

The Best Gluten Free Quina Pizza Crust Ever

Beautiful photo from the Simply Quinoa Blog!
When I discovered in December that I needed to cut wheat our of my diet for a while to allow my gut to do some healing, my biggest challenge became finding a decent gluten free pizza crust. I could do without most wheat-based things, and oatmeal flour proved a cheap and functional substitute for things like pancakes, but pizza crust eluded me. 

After scouring Pinterest, Paleo blogs and cookbooks, and other sources I tried a wide variety of proposed replacements. I refused to get into coconut flour or almond flour, and the commercial GF pizza crusts were lacking in both flavor and consistency - especially for the cost! Oatmeal flour wasn't cutting it. Nor was cauliflower, spinach, or any of the other veggies recommended as potential alternatives. For a while, I just gave up on pizza altogether. (I am blessed to have such a supportive and gracious husband, considering that we had been in the habit of enjoying really good homemade pizza every Friday!)

Initially, I avoided recipes that called for quinoa as a base. Quinoa flour is astronomically expensive, and a pain to make at home (because of the tiny size of the grain to begin with).

Then, I found this: The Ultimate Quinoa Pizza Crust from Simply Quinoa.

Rather than rely on quinoa flour, this recipe starts with whole quinoa. It requires no special ingredients, and is ready in minutes - you just dump everything in the blender and whir! Plus, it uses less quinoa per person than any other recipe in my repertoire, making it extremely affordable.

This is absolutely my new go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a GF pizza crust. 3/4 cup of quinoa makes you an 8" cake pan of pizza - perfect for one or two people, but easily doubled or tripled for enjoying with friends!

The recipe is completely clean, super easy, and doesn't take long to throw together. It bakes up into a proper crust with just the right chewy, crispy mouth feel you're looking for. Plus, quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse!

I'm delighted to have found this, and wanted to share. (Fair warning - I'll be sharing over on Nutritional Mischief at some point as well, so I apologize in advance for the double exposure.)


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