Tuesday, March 10

Blue & White Quilt - Finally Finished!

At the beginning of the year, I determined that I was going to finally tackle the pile of neglected quilting sprawled across our library. I hadn't been intentionally avoiding it. But between being very busy, multi-tasking my sewing space, and not having a clear plan for what needed to happen next, I just wasn't making any progress on it. 

I spent whatever free time I could find in February sorting, ironing, and organizing. As I got things put in some kind of order, I selected a blue and white quilt top as my first project to be finished. I picked a light blue cotton sheeting for the back, and re-purposed an old blanket as thick, warm batting. I found a very pretty dark blue fabric with a flowered print to use as a binding, and blanket-stitched it on for variety and durability.

It took longer than planned (everything always does), and I wasn't sure it was all going to come together, but I'm very happy with the finished product!  The darker binding really made it all work. 

It's an over-sized lap quilt, perfect for snuggling on the couch when it's stupid cold and gross outside or for dragging outside to lounge in the sun this summer. (Not that we actually ever have time to lounge in the summer, but it's a nice idea!)

Happily, all the sorting and ironing that went into prepping for this one set me up for success for the second finished quilt top from my stack! I found backing fabric for it, and it's all pinned up with batting and backing, and waiting to be stitched together. Hopefully I'll make time to stitch and bind that this week, and have another happy quilting post for you soon!  :)

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