Thursday, February 20

Helpful (If Unofficial) National Holidays

Doctor and River :)Did you know that last Tuesday was Clean Out Your Computer Day? I can't remember why I know that, but I meant to post a helpful reminder ahead of time. (Clearly that didn't happen. Sorry.) Anyway, if you could use a boost of mid-winter productivity and clarity, consider carving out a little time to clean out your computer. Get rid of old files, make some new folders to make things easier to find, and do a defragmentation to help things run extra smoothly this year.

On a slightly odder note, today is National Handcuff Day. Not sure why we have a national holiday for that, but I thought I'd make the most of it by posting some helpful handcuff related links for your reference:

How to Escape From Zip Ties - Excellent post (with video) by the guys at ITS Tactical. Chances are if you're ever involved in a home invasion or car jacking, you're more likely to be bound with zip ties than handcuffs these days, so check out these excellent tips on how to free yourself.

Make Your Own Paracord Survival Bracelet - Not technically related to handcuffs, but also an excellent thing to have in sticky, dangerous situations. 7 feet of 550 paracord with a billion uses (including sawing through rope if you happen to find yourself facing some of that) in a neat little package. (Can also be affixed to jacket zippers, backpacks, etc. for easy carrying if you're not into bracelets.) For the MacGyver type, you can also buy one premade with a tungsten carbide wire saw in it!

Finally, I can't help but finish with these photos of the Doctor, River, and Amy. After all, who doesn't enjoy starting their day with a little emotional trauma caused by British television?   :)

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