Tuesday, October 1

Dark Halo

Dark Halo is the finale to a creatively written trilogy following a young dancer through a handful of chaotic months (immediately post-high school) during which everything she knows about the world is upended and the realm of angels and demons becomes intimately and terrifyingly real. As is to be expected, this is the book where everything comes to a head and finds resolution… one way or another.

I was frequently reminded while reading this of Peretti’s This Present Darkness, though Dark Halo is targeted towards a younger audience. The pace was much faster than the previous two books, and there were a few pleasant twists along the way.

Even more so than the first two books, I felt like this one did a phenomenal job of being true to the characters. Brielle is an 18 year old girl, and the author gives her all the fears, doubts, and desires that go with that without dipping into caricature, melodrama or cliché. There’s no shying away from the hard questions and realities of life – bad things happen to good people, and we won’t always know why. But ultimately, the beauty of faith, hope and love shine through. I very much enjoyed this and highly recommend it.

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