Monday, March 4

Menu Idea Monday: Better Than Coffeeshop Chai

Chai tea from Teavana
I first encountered chai tea while working at a coffee shop in college. It came in a packet, like hot chocolate. You just ripped it open, stirred in the hot water and were good to go. It was good, and a nice change from coffee once in a while.

I stopped drinking it when I started cleaning up my diet. There were just too many chemicals and fake sugars in the packets to stomach. I tried copy cat recipes a few times, but they always turned out poorly and I generally gave up on the idea.

Until I encountered Samurai Chai at Teavana. We like to hit Teavana between Christmas and New Years - it's the only time of year they ever have their tea on sale, so it's the best time to score great deals on their excellent blends. A teaspoon of this tea blend, brewed hot and left to sit for five minutes, with a dab of honey and a splash of whole, raw milk swirled in is heavenly. Especially on cold, wet days when a pick-me-up is most welcome.

Far better than any chai I've ever had out somewhere, and completely clean, it's a wonderful treat. At a teaspoon a cup, a little goes a long way. (Steep a little longer the second time around, and you can get a nice second cup out of that same teaspoon, making it go even farther!)

So if you're looking for an alternative to coffee, or just some small indulgence to ease the long days of March, consider this. You may never drink coffeeshop chai again!

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