Tuesday, November 2

Preparedness Blog Submission

I realize that it's ironic to put holiday themed material up here after I just posted a reminder that November is about Thanksgiving, not Christmas, but I submitted a blog post to Preparedness Pantry's Guest Post Blog Giveaway and wanted to share it here as well. You can find a button for the Preparedness Pantry website on the right hand side of this blog, or use the link above to specifically check out their giveaway - it's a great deal! They're a great company and run an ongoing gift card giveaway for guest blog posts on preparedness, food storage, and survival themed topics. You can submit as many posts as you want, and for every one they use they'll send you a $10 gift card. I'll let you know if they pick mine. :0)

Disclaimer: The people and items mentioned in this post are for example purposes only.

Peace (of mind) on Earth

A quick jaunt to any store will reveal shelves already stocked to overflowing with holiday paraphernalia. Boxes of Christmas cards in all colors and sizes proclaim “Peace on Earth!” in glittering calligraphic letters.

Yet sifting through the isles of cheap plastic toys and pricey electronics (certain to be outdated in a year) offers me no peace of mind. Shiny and expensive as these gifts might be, they could never accurately communicate to a recipient the holiday wishes I really hold for the ones I love – safety, security and comfort in the dark moments of life.

So this year, I've decided to exchange my old holiday shopping habits for something better.

I'm shopping preparedness style!

For my sister, recently moved into her own apartment, I'm buying The Charger™ Emergency Hand Crank Flashlight with Mobile Phone Adapter and a modest but functional first aid kit.

For my brother, who commutes regularly down back roads in all weather, I'll wrap up a few reflective emergency blankets, some Hotties hand/ body warmers, and a few packs of nutrient dense food like trail mix to tuck under the seat of his truck.

My cousins who just bought a house will love the Big Buddy portal heater I found to keep their garage workshop comfortable during the winter months My best friend, hectically juggling work and kids, will be delighted by the #10 can of her favorite food - Fettucinne Alfredo – that requires nothing but hot water and has dinner on the table in ten minutes. Her kids will think I'm the coolest thing since sliced bread when they unwrap the freeze dried Neapolitan ice cream slices and ice cream sandwiches I picked up for them.

The options and combinations for everyone on my list are pretty much endless, but they all bring me back to the same idea. This year, if only in small ways, I am giving more than a Christmas present to the ones I love: I am giving them security and comfort that will reach far into the new year. In doing so, I give myself a precious gift as well - peace of mind.

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